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        Need some help. My husband and I own a 21 unit duplex complex that we have been told that it was completed with polylbulylene plumbing back in 1983. In the last 5 years we have had many plumbing problems. From ceilings caving in to lines leaking in the walls on a monthly bases. The plumbing problem has had a very serious in pack on our ability to run the units at any kind of a profit. We understand some years ago there was a class action concerning this type of pipe, however, we also understand that we are no longer eligible under the 1980’s law suit to receive help in the replacement of the plumbing in these units. Is this true and if so do we have “ANY” where we can go for relief on this defective plumbing?
        If anyone out there can help us we would be most grateful. Please email us at [email protected]
        Thank You,

        L.S. Patrou

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          You have about 10 years to make a claim. Call 800-356-3496. They will ask if you have had three leaks in the preceeding 10 years.

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            Unfortunately, you would have had to make a claim before 1996. Your situation is the reason I tell my customers to make a claim as soon as they find out that they have PB piping. Even if they may not have a problem during the allotted 12/13 years, they are probably going to have them eventually and the best thing to do is to eliminate the problem as soon as they know they could have one.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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