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      Hello, hoping you may be able to assist us.

      My son is doing a project at school on water conservation.

      We are trying to locate information on the invention and history of the efficient shower head and dual flush
      toilet. We are also interested to know of future developments or inventions in the area of water conservation.

      If you are able to provide us with any information it would be most appreciated.


      Marina Jerkovic

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      fourth year

      The only “dual flush” toilets I have heard about are the new ones that will not flush properly with the first flush, or older units that have been modified, or are in disrepair, and thus need two flushes to operate. The water conservation standards do not always consider the ramifications of the regulations. For example, a mandated low flow kitchen faucet often does not give the proper volume to operate a food disposer and thus will cause frequent stoppages. That same faucet when used to fill a sink bowl for dishwashing, etc., will use the same amount of water as a non-low flow faucet, it will just take longer to fill it. Low flow shower heads have to be designed with smaller and/or fewer openings so that the dynamic residual pressure behind the openings will be sufficient to provide a satisfactory spray effect.

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      I don’t know alot about this topic but here is a little information that will get you started.

      Dual flush toilets offer the user the option to flush with a smaller amount of water for liquid waste or a larger amount for solid waste. Many of these types of toilets are made in Europe. One company is Grohedal. You can find out more about their products and water savings buy going to http://www.grohe.co.uk. Once you are at the web site click on “Products” then click on GROHEDAL. Scroll to the information on “Flushing systems for the WC”. There is some information that may help you. You can also request informatin from them. Make sure you request it in English, unless you speak German. Geberit is another company that may make dual flush systems but I was not able to get alot from their site. Maybe your son could do more investigation on them. I hope this helps.

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      rather than dual flush toilets, which imply two flushes, you mean alternative flush toilets. There are some made in the U.S. usually as a retrofit option. The problem with them, since they require an alternate flushing routine, is that the average user does not use the water saving “urinal” flush, but automatically trips the handle the normal way.

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      The dual flush cisterns here in Oz work fine, I understand its a problem with USA equipment (Canada makes working units I believe from posts here)

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