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        My roommate failed to read the instructions on the “Crystal Draino” bottle. Instead of putting 1 tablespoon down the shower drain and flushing with water, she poured half the bottle down the drain and let it set overnight. It has now set-up like concrete and I have attempted to “chisel” some of it out. This is not working and the shower is beginning to back up. What (if anything) will dissolve draino? What can I do?

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        Avatar photoScott Bryan

          There is not much you can do to dissolve the “concrete” crystals. Year ago a friend of mine did the same thing and the only thing I had any success with is called a “drain king”. It’s a rubber ball that you hook a garden hose up to and it expands inside the drain and forces the water out at a high pressure. After a few tries we did get the crystals to break apart. You should be able to get this item at most hardware stores or plumbing supply store.

          Good luck,


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