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      Avatar photoAndrew Samsworth

        How much trouble is required to move plumbing in the foundation? Some of our pipes are not in the correct place in the foundation of our “being constructed” home. How hard is it to bust up the concrete to move the plumbing? Please tell me how long or how much should I expect to pay for this goof-up?

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        Avatar photoGuest

          who’s goof up. If its yours then to be honest the contractor is going to hit you hard. If its the plumber or builders stuff up, then they pay for it, not you

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          Avatar photodirtrider07

            To the person who replied
            The plumbing mistake is the plumbers’. He missed a plumbing wall by 6″, on a wall that cannot be moved. Bad part of it is, he is a friend or was. We are considering raising the floor. This is a shower pipe coming in. How much room will he need for pipe under the floor. We are hoping 6-8″.

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            Avatar photofourth year

              Friend or no friend,it is still his error. Unless he is a new plumber, it is not the first time it has happened, and it is his responsibility to correct it. His bid should have included a “fudge factor” to allow for unforeseen problems such as this.

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