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      We are renovating a 90+ year old Victorian at the New Jersey shore. My contractor is running heat to the third floor which has never been heated before. I am trying to find 4 radiators that will resemble the old ones elsewhere in the house. Where can I find new radiators that look old or old, used radiators that still work?

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      Push nipples Oneida County Boiler Works (Phone: 315- 717-0423).
      Burnham ones are cast in Ohio
      and the Govanale’ come from China. But in a pinch Burnham gets ’em from China too.

      If you’re looking for something vintage, check
      Christ Plumbing Supply on Jerico Tpk in Garden City Park on Long Island.
      They have lots of old radiators at about half the cost of new ones.

      Mikes pipe Yard on Boston Road NY.
      Connecticut HOME WRECKERS.

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