Water-logged Air Bladder System?

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      I have a shallow well/pressure tank system with a 350 gallon tank.
      It becomes waterlogged frequently.

      I believe the “Diamond” tank to be
      an air bladder type but am not certain. How can I determine if it has a bladder and if so, it’s condition?

      Also, what is the proper procedure
      for draining and re-pressurizing the system

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      John, most precharged pressure tanks have a visable crimp ring about 1/4 to 1/3 the way up from the bottom. The bladder type are usually a replacement design and are not as good. Shut off the power to the pump, drainthe tank until the pressure is zero, check the precharge at the air valve on top,it should be 2 lbs. less than cut-in ie.30 lb. cut-in 28 lb. precharge.At this time slap the tank with your hand, the tank shuold ring,if it sounds dull the tank could be failing . Also if you gently rock the tank it should feel light you might even hear water sloshing inside. Hope this helps

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