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      Avatar photopete

        My shower pipe leaks constantly. I’ve taken off the shower attachment and noticed the water dripping from the pipe. Should I remove the entire shower assembly from the wall and replace it, or is there a gasket I should replace.

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        Avatar phototwood19

          Diverter valve. Probably clogged just enough to keep it slightly closed. The pressure sends the water up to the shower head. If you have a pull up knob on the end of the tub spigot to activate the shower head, you can get a new one for about $10 and replace the tub spigot with the new one. Most simply screw on. It may have a hex key bolt on the bottom side near the wall. Loosen that first if there is one.

          There is nothing up at the shower head that would cause it to leak.

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          Avatar photoGuest

            Best to test the pipe work, I have a pressure gauge that I connect to the rose outlet, turn on the tap then turn it off, if the pressure drops then there is a hole in the pipe. You too can do this, a cheaper but less efficiant way is to cap off the rose outlet and turn on the water and listen very closely to the wall for a hissing sound to show a leak. but the gauge is the best idea. If its leaking then replace all of the assembley, if it went in one place odds are it will do it else were in the line too.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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