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      I like the info found on this site. I would like to hear from the producers of crane toilets. you see I have one,
      but wish that I had never heard of it. I’ve had nothing but trouble with it since the day it was installed. you have to flush
      it 2 or 3 times to get it to go down, that’s if it doesn’t overflow. the plubers have been here 3 times and say my kids are throwing stuff in ( not) it. it does the same thing when thier gone. I’ve had it snaked 3 time and nothing helps. hope to hear something from you soon. totally fed up with this toilet, Anne.

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      Some of the earlier Crane toilets had some design flaws. In their effort to cut down on water consumption to meet the new requirements they failed to produce a toilet that would clear the bowl in a single flush. The fix is get rid of it, it won’t get any better.

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