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        I’ve got a problem with water pressure in the kitchen, bathroom, and my washing machine. It runs fine at first, then runs out to a dribble or nothing. If I wait about 5 or 10 minutes, the water pressure starts out fine again, then runs out again. I’m in a rural area so I’m on a well system. Help! Thanks.

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          Genie,If you have one of the newer style “bladder” well tanks,they can be identified by noticing if there is only one pipe to the tank and an air fitting on the side or top(like a tire valve),then you will need to drain the tank completely to check the tank precharge pressure. You can use a tire pressure gauge.Just turn off the power to the tank and open a faucet or something to bleed the tank of water. Then check the precharge pressure witht he tire gauge. This pressure usually needs to be set at 28 psi..If you need to bleed air or add it, do it till you have 28 psi.. Then turn the power back on to the well and watch the well tank pressure gauge to see where it kicks off at(should be about 50 psi. Then open something up again to drain the water down again and note at which pressure the pump kicks on again(should be about 30 psi). You may need to adjust the pressure switch to achieve these numbers but that is the normal settings. The well tank precharge needs to be 2 psi. less than the pump cut-in pressure for it to operate normally. Hope this helps!

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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