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        I was wondering how one raises the temperature of water in their water heater. Our water heater (my mother’s) is so “cool” that it’s barely warm enough to shower with. That is, we don’t even need cold water on ever. This puts a strain on our family of six everyone morning because usually only 2 people can shower on one tank of water. My mother is afraid of raising it because the one she had about 20 years ago exploded. Any suggestions? I’m sick of cold showers.

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          if you have an eletric water heater you will have to take off the cover to the upper and lower thermostats and turn mthe dial to a higher temp. use a screwdriver
          if you have a gas water heater just turn up the temp on the gas valve should read low to high or warm to hot. if the water heater is 20 years old replace it

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            Unless this situation has existed since it was installed, the heate may need servicing. Heaters do not “explode” from having the temperature increased. They explode due to serious malfunctions that have nothing to do with the temperature setting and can occur even if set to “cool”. But I am curious as to what she means by “explode” when a water heater really explodes their is not usually any house left to install a new water heater into.

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