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      Adrian Saunders

      I have a crown propane fired boiler aruba series. When the boiler fires up ,especially after its been off for a while I get a lot of poping noise in the boiler sections. Its like the water inside has air pockets that are poping kind of like when a car radiator over heats. It only does this when the flame is on it stop when the flame goes off. Ive had the system purged twice. Ive got an air purger in the system. How can I eliminate this poping noise?Thanks RDB

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      Have a technician check the firing rate. A larger fire than the design can overheat setions to bring on the popping noise. The flow of water through the sections may be too slow, permitting sizzling and popping. Installation of a bypass to increase flow through the sections can help. When the boiler flow is reduced due to closed zones, the boiler can pop. Sometimes, when the minimum pressure is raised, the noise can stop. All this should be checked by an experienced heating plumber.

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      You may also want to have the water in the system checked as sedimentation of the heat exchanger can also give same symptoms.

      The sediment can settle in the troughs within the heat exchanger. When heat is applied micro bubbles rise to collapse with popping sound.

      A reliable local engineer will be able to advise you

Viewing 2 reply threads
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