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      I am renting and the small bathroom has an ugly red-brick linoleum floor. I bought a new piece of linoleum and floor adhesive, but I don’t know how to safely remove the toilet and sink pedastal and then put them back. Any ideas??

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      I have never removed a toilet, but I have installed them. I would flush all the water out of the toilet and turn off the water inlet. There are two bolts, one on either side of the toilet base. remove the nuts (may be covered by a plastic cover pop off with screwdriver). I would then disconnect the water line from the toilet. You can now pull the toilet of the wax ring underneath. Before installing the toilet again remove the old wax ring and get a new one at the hardware store.

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      fourth year

      For the sink pedestal, you may get into a bigger job than you want if you remove it. If the pedestal is not anchored to the floor then you may be able to lift it and the sink enough to slide the linoleum under it. If not or if it is anchored, cutting the flooring around it will be much easier.

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      Rental ?? ……… dont touch anything, you are liable if you break anything, just cut the lino around everything

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      Bungie, even the Sylvan would have to agree with you :-D

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