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        Can you connect copper piping to pvc piping? And if so what do you need to do it?

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          Originally posted by Christopher:
          Can you connect copper piping to pvc piping? And if so what do you need to do it?

          1- Copper Male to PVC Female

          2- Copper Female PVC Male

          Do not solder a joint to close to the PVC fitting without the use of a heat sink

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            Our codes do not allow Copper male to PVC female since the metal can develop corrosion inside the plastic and the pressure will split the PVC female adapter. A male adapter is the weakest fitting made, and I have to replace a broken one about once a week. The best trasition as far as strength and logevity is concerned is to use a schedule 80 TOE nipple into the female copper adapter and then a coupling to connect the rest of the PVC line to it.

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              Again a helpers mentality ASSUMES which make an ASS OF U and ME.

              The Original question was

              “Can you connect copper piping to pvc piping? And if so what do you need to do it?

              I didn’t see the word “PRESSURE” here so what makes this non knowing person GUESS it is water supply and NOT DRAINAGE OR VENT?

              PVC as well as copper can serve for drainage and vent & sanitary and storm drainage so why guess what the use is for?

              NEVER, EVER, EVER allow a helper out of the shop alone, UNLESS they are getting coffee for the REAL Experts in the field.

              Schedule 80 if used with copper can cause a turbulence and cause premature failure of the copper tubing (restrictions)

              I guess the helper in the 1st year of apprenticeship missed the class on Williams and Hazen about flow characteristics.

              OK class is BACK in session

              Suppose we play a guessing game why someone would want to mix copper and plastic.

              1- Plastic drainage was eaten up by rodents sharpening their teeth and copper is non eatable to these critters

              2- Someone installed some piping that eroded and now soldering too close to the old wooden rafters is out of the Question

              3- Someone was just curious if these two materials can be mixed without any concern as to temperature or coefficient of expansion per degree per inch

              4- They got tired of hearing the noise of plastic drainage and opted for a quieter system.

              5- The home centers only carry M tubing and the code calls for K for underground service and above ground is plastic.

              Shall we keep looking for answers OR just give Christopher the answer he was asking?

              Yup asking a helper sure is the wrong thing to do and it is proven again and again and again.
              Now if Christopher has another question he can E mail me direct for the proper answer to his piping concerns.

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                Since when have you stopped assuming. Every post you have ever answered assumed the most complicated process which is why your postings are dissertations and seldom address the question asked. If you do not believe this go back and read any simple questions and see your answer that can run to several pagess. I have replaced hundreds of cracked male PVC adapters. I have never replaced a schedule 80 nipple or the copper it is attached to. If you want to address velocity, then comment on the use of 1/2″ CPVC in lieu of 1/2″ copper, when the CPVC opening is about a third of the area due to the thicker wall.

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                  Helper says “A male adapter is the weakest fitting made”

                  Is this why codes forbid the use of “BUSHINGS” if the adaper is the weakest fitting?

                  4th year I think you had better START all over at the 1st YEAR as you havce no clue to fittings it appears.

                  You also did not ever read about the effects of high velocity on ferrous piping NO EFFECT on plastic.
                  Do you know ANYTHING about these trades at all?

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