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        I have a large Bldg with a Dunham-Bush Condensate Vacuum pump unit, and it would be great if we did not have a continous battle of fighting leaking steam traps throughout the place and if we had a gravitation line system. My question is, do you know of a better/efficient kind of unit other than this type where
        seals go out or the check-valves go out between tanks and we lose control function of this unit because of all this situations. Maybe some
        kind of certifical type pump system to get the mind going? I have a VRD656520E2 20 PSIG Capacity 65,000 ser no. 88199 of course
        Dunham-bush unit. Can you suggest a way to go?


        I work in the field, so I get to the e-mail reading certain times of the day. Bare with me….

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          Hi, Bill. The original intent of these units was to help the condensate along through smaller return mains. Leaking traps need to be repaired and replaced to keep the temperature of the return down to stop wasted heat emission from the return. If radiation or process has been lost from the system to the point where gravity return is permissible, there still remains the heat lost from the return when there is no seal to keep steam out of the return main. The cost of wasted heat will be more than the labor to repair traps and seals. If it were otherwise, the equipment would have been avoided at installation.

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            Since your using high pressure steam (anything over 15 PSI is considered high pressure) have you considered a thermo-dynamic trap?

            I used these disc type of traps from 10-600 PSI without any failures and anyone can repair them if the need arises. No seals or gaskets or floats to contend with

            The problem with your normal inverted bucket traps I found is they are prone to fail in fully open position once they lose their prime.

            The Problem with F&T trap is they suffer damage to the bellows from a water hammering condition and fail in the closed position TALK about BANGING huh?.

            For higher pressures I also like balanced pressure thermostatic traps for fast start ups and high air venting capabilities.

            Personally I like Sarco traps for certain steam applications on higher pressure systems

            Don’t you just love being in plant maintenance :-)

            I found being a stationary engineer one of the most challenging jobs I ever did. never ending learning experience

            Plumbing is a joke compared to being a fully qualified in plant maintenance or plaint operations engineering.

            Knowing several trades is really an eye opener to how easy some of these trades really are.

            I found using the less moving parts in the steam traps the better it was for cost control in service.

            Check your return condensate pH if your eating up to many gaskets.

            You may need to set up a water quality control program of the in coming water to your power plant.

            GOOD LUCK
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