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      alta vista

      We purchased a Moen bathroom faucet and installed it. The drain plug did not seal and lets water continually seep down the drain. Called Moen & they said this is the way drain plugs are designed today by ALL manufacturers. A bowl is to retain water long enough for a man to shave. Is this true or are we being snowed? Thank you.

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      Your being lied to folks
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      A Drain “PLUG” stopper is just that it STOPS water and plugs the drain line OK? Next time Hire a licensed plumber and ask them to SUGGEST a Quality product or a quality model

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      Take the drain assembly back apart and use some teflon tape on the threads of the tube that screws into the fitting that the stopper fits into.Do not thread the tube into the fitting very tight,just snug.Good luck

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      You do not have enough putty under the flange in sink and water is seeping by.Delta makes the best pop up.

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