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      Put a new timer on 3 yr old unit, cleaned injector, cleaned filter screens, turned up salt flow to 12 lbs, and still don’t have the soft water we used to have.
      Does tank need re-bedded and can I buy the product and do this myself?
      And does anyone know how much it costs: To get it done and/or to do it myself?

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      the only reason for replacing the mineral would be if it had leaked out, and if that happened, the distribution tubes would have failed, and your faucets would have become plugged with a golden sand material. IF the water conditions have changed, then raisng the salt level is just wasting salt. You have to regenerate more frequently. Have the water analyzed to check for hardness and then compute the number of gallons your softener can produce, then set the timer to recharge before that gallonage is reached. You will have to check your water meter, or make a good guess as to how much water you use each day.

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      Should have stated; Water source is a well in southwest Florida. I have been told that this water will break down whatever is in the water conditioner (activated pellets) however they should last about 8 years and this is only 3 years old.

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