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      I have alot of iron in my well water. I use a greensand filter system that’s about 5 years old. It never did the job 100%, and now it seems to be getting worse. The house is about 70 years old and has
      galvanized pipe, that I’m replacing with copper slowly but surely. I use dialectric fittings at all unions. What is the best way of removing iron from water?

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      Manganese greensand is regenerated by potassium permanganate. Make sure that your system is regenerating properly with the potassium permanganate and not just backwashing. Also remember that the first half of your system (the in flow side) is having to deal with the iron problem. It only treats the water that has gone through the greensand. The green sand is replaceable.

      Have a pro come out and give it a check up. The money you save in otherwise stained clothes and other laundry will make it worth it.

      That type of filter is good for iron removal. A good softener used with a product called iron-out would be a nice addition to your system.

      good luck.


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      Multi-Media filters remove sediment, turbidity (cloudiness), and red water iron! They are a popular means to remove visible contaminants from your water supply. The automatic backwash feature provides many years of trouble free filtration with the non-consumable filtration media.

      Manganese Greensand filters can remove iron, manganese and sulfur from your water! The system operates in a way similar to a water softener, and uses potassium permanganate to regenerate the filter bed. With proper operation the filter media will last three to five years before requiring replacement. Your water should not contain more than 15 ppm dissolved iron or manganese and 5 ppm hydrogen sulfide – higher concentrations require pre-treatment. Potassium permanganate is available in 5 and 10 pound quantities – this material is also commonly available at local plumbing supply and hardware stores.

      Birm filters remove iron from your water! For a birm filter to operate properly, your water pH needs to be 6.8 or above and contain sufficient dissolved oxygen (at least 15% of the iron+manganese content) for the iron removal reaction to occur. There should also be no hydrogen sulfide present. The media should last 3 to 4 years before requiring replacement.

      Respectfully David F. Walling

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      How deep is your well?

      Where I live, folks with shallow wells have alot of iron and deep wells don’t. I’m one of the shallow types (LOL), so I’ve been fighting the iron wars for seven years.

      I’m considering having a deep well dug when my mortgage is paid off in three months.

      Was planning to get an iron filter at first, but where I live the ground is soft and the water table high, so well drilling is relatively cheap, so it makes more sense to get the well than the filter.

      Good luck! I know how frustrating iron water can be.

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