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      I have a clawfoot tub that until recently was equipped with a shower attachment. The 1/2″ tubing heading up to the shower head broke off at the point that it connects to the tub faucet. I’m assuming that it was connected by a threaded fitting which was then soldered onto the 1/2 tubing. However, when I look at the top of the faucet I can’t really see any threads. I’m guessing that perhaps the threaded part broke off and is still stuck in there. Can anyone who has installed one of these contraptions explain how they are typically connected to the tub faucet, and whether they are easily repaired?


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      Sounds like the threaded pipe is still in the faucet.This should be removed with an easyout.Some times you can get lucky and use a straight screwdriver the same size and put it in the broken piece and try to remove it.If that does not work the faucet will have to be replaced.Most of this type of faucet comes with a union type fitting made onto each end of the pipes and no soldering is needed

Viewing 1 reply thread
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