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        I recently had my hot water heater replaced. All valves are turned completly on but since this replacement, I have very low hot and cold water pressure in the entire house. It all seemed normal before replacing the water heater. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Yvette

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        Avatar photofourth year

          When you say the main cold water valve is turned completely on, do you mean it was rotated counterclockwise until it stopped or so many turns that it should be open. My guess would be that the main valve has broken and the gate is closing off the pipe, but it is not seated tight enough to stop the entire water flow. Otherwise the problem could be a plugged pressure reducing valve if you have one on your system.

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          Avatar photo[email protected]

            The water department checked the meter today and the pressure at the meter. Everything is normal at the meter. He thinks there must be a blockage somewhere in the house but, how to find this I have no idea. Is there any way to blow out the fresh water lines to get rid of blockages? Thanks, Yvette

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            Avatar photoGuest

              Make friends with your neighbour and run a hose from them to your back hose cock. Disconnect the front council stop cock, and run the hose. For this to work you will need to remove the jumper valve in the rear hose cock. Might be an idea to run the water at the front of the house through a mesh to see if the blockage comes out.

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              Avatar photoracefanone

                Check the areators on all of the faucets also.They are probably plugged up also

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