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        This message serves as a warning to those that may wish to replace air vents on their hot water radiators. We just purchased a house and opted to replace all of the air vents as several had the original wooden handles broken off. We figured, while the plumber was at it, we could get all new vents. This turned out to be a mistake, as not one, but two radiators cracked at the air vent hole when the new std. pipe thread vents were screwed in! This cost us a lot of money, as we had to have the two radiators replaced, and they don’t even match the rest of the house. Now I have learned a lesson- if they aren’t broken, leave old radiators alone. They are more fargile than I ever imagined. Has anyone heard of anyone having a similar experience, or was this just bad luck?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Was this hero licensed?

          Cast Iron rads last and last I have tools that are especially designed to remove AIR VENTS and retap the existing threads.

          Air vents replacement is very important as nothing lasts forever ESPECIALLY on steam systems.

          Even if the threads are damaged I normally just re drill and retap the threads ONE commerical size larger.

          Sight unseen it is hard to second guess BUT in over 33 years of plumbing I yet to find a radiator I couldnt repair other then ones suffering from freeze ups.

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          Avatar photofourth year

            The air vents are almost paper thin brass at the thread area. Someone had to either abuse the vents to break a cast-iron radiator while screwing them in, or they sold you a bill of goods.

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