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      when i first turn on my shower, i get great water pressure. then, without touching the knobs, the water pressure decreases until there is barely a trickle. after that, when i turn the pressure back up, it stays ok until the next time i start it again. what is causing this and how do i fix it?

      also — this is probably related– my wife was telling me that recently when she turns on the hot water to warm up the shower, water will come out and then there is a loud “thump” and the water will suddenly slow trickle until she turns it up again…

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      Sounds like you have one handle for cold and one for hot. The valve seat at the back of the valve may be loose.

      Turn off the water, pull out the valve and check the screw at the very back tip. This may be a good time to just go ahead and replace the rubber valve seat.

      It’s a pretty straight forward job and if you turn off the water before you start and remember how you took the valve out, (draw a picture if you need to) you can’t go wrong.

      Hot water expands metal and when it is cold, it constricts. Over time, that can loosen the screw. This is why it is happening only on the hot side
      Good luck.


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