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      Amanullah khan

      Does anyone know of a resource for home radiator accessories? I don’t know if it exists, but I’m looking for some sort of tin deflector to put between the wall and the radiator to deflect heat and also solve the problem of painting behind the radiator.


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      Your local sheetmetal shop can make aluminum sheet to size to be a reflector behind the radiator.
      They can make a 1/4-inch lip at the top and sides to hang the sheet from wall nails or a strip of metal bent slightly to permit the sheet lip to slide over and hang on the metal strip. This way the reflector can be removed for cleaning.

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      Harold in the olden days we used Aluminum foil behind the radiators and it worked wonders.

      When it got dirty Hey we just replaced it end of story

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      In the olden days we didn’t have money to make a beautiful shining plate to prevent dirt behind the radiator. Today we can afford foil wallpaper. But, IMO we should invest in beautiful, shining aluminum plate that we can remove, clean and replace. We deserve yuppee elegance.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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