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      Avatar photoALAN MOORE

        I know very little about plumbing; my wife just told me she accidently flushed a sponge (about 3″ 5″) down a toilet while cleaning it (?!). Now I’ve never dreamed of doing that myself, or heard anyone else admit to doing this. Will this sponge work its way through the system?; should it be snaked out? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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        Avatar photoGuest

          I doubt the sponge will work it’s way out of your toilet trap. Your toilet trap is smaller in inside diameter than the size of your sponge. You might get lucky enough to be able to snake it out, if not, then it will have to be pulled, and possibly pushed out from the bottom.

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          Avatar photofourth year

            I assume this is one of the thin 1″ sponges. If so, it probably collapsed enough to get through the bowl, otherwise it would be stopped up. You will not know if it will work its way through the system until something no longer works. At that time, you can consider snaking the drain to extract it from where ever it has lodged. If this does not happen, then no problem, the sponge is gone.

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            Avatar photomyron

              This toilet appears to be working at present ( maybe I got lucky ); if anything clogs in the future, I’ll have the line snaked but for now, I’ll leave well enough alone.
              Guido and fourth year, thanks for the advice! Its always good to be able to ask those more knowledgable when you don’t have a clue about something. Thanks again.

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