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      i need to remove the floor in my tile shower. i removed the framing on the front side,discovered that the shower floor is made of concrete. how do i tell if it just sits on the foundation or if it attached in some way to the foundation? is it a common practice to morter the shower pan to the concrete foundation? if it just sits on the foundation can it just be lifted out ?

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      While I cannot comment on pratice employed fitting your shower tray, I usually like to bed my trays in sand & cement mix to provide full base suppoort and also to level it. This is usually done on cast trays and not fiberglass efforts

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      follow up on shower floor:
      i finally got the shower basin out after going at it with a pry bar and a hammer. was sadden to destroy it because it looked custom made. it was sitting on a 2×4 frame filled with sand/concrete mix. it seems that the bath room was an addition to the house. when i got to the drain i was very surprised. it seems the plumber didn’t want to raise the basin to high so he punched a rough whole in the slab for the p-trap to protrude lower. is this common and am wondering the long term effects of a whole in my slab. this whole has allowed termites in (the reason it was removed in the first place) and tree roots to come in.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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