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        I have a crack in a bathroom sink drainpipe. The piece that is cracked is the piece that attaches on one end to the P-trap, and on the other end to the wall opening. I have removed the P-trap successfully. Now, I want to remove the drainpipe attached to the wall stubout. The drainpipe looks like it connects directly into the large, round brown pipe/opening that goes into the wall. I tried to unscrew the drainpipe, but it will not budge. I am worried that if I pull too hard that I will break something inside the wall, or mess up the threads that I believe exist in the round, brown opening. Will I be able to remove the drainpipe by unscrewing it (I am trying to use a pipe wrench to hold the rounded drainpipe with little success), or is there some unscrewing of the round, brown opening involved ?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          The “Brown pipe” should be a tapped Cast Iron drainage tee.

          This fitting can crack is too much pressure is applied to it.

          Best bet open the wall chisel out this galvanized nipple Or call a Licensed professional watch them do it THEN next time you can do it safely.

          Think of it as paying for an educaton

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