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        I am buying a house and the water pressure out of the kitchen sink is less than anywhere else in the house (even the same level). I was told by the builder that is because of the type of kitchen faucet (it is a Moen combination faucet and sprayer..not sure of type). He told me the only way to have the pressure the same was by replacing the faucet with one without the sprayer. Is this true and why would this be? I want to make sure he is telling me the correct information

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          check and make sure that you have a 1/2 inch line coming to your faucets if not this may be your problem (A 3/8 LINE IS USED SOMETIMES BUT DOESN’T DELIVER AS MUCH WATER )
          check to make sure the areator on the faucets doesn”t have trash in it . it should twist off the spout by turning counter clockwise

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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