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      I posted this message 2 days ago.. but I don’t think it went through?? Anyway we bought a house with an unfinished basement… now we are finishing the bathroom down there. The bathroom walls were finished when we moved in, and we just laid linoleum on the floor. The distance from the finished wall to center of toilet drain is only 9″ and the toilets we have tried to fit, need much more room in the back to accommodate the tank! (The bowl part fits on the drain fine, fits right up against the wall) Anyone know a small toilet manufacturer that would work for us, without having to tear down the wall and rebuild???
      thanks for your help. This one-day project has taken us 2 weeks already!

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      Maybe if you call the builder he would be happy to come back and fix his mistake?
      The average toilet is for a 12 inch rough in (12 in. from wall to center of toilet flange). But sometimes they will fit when only 11 inches is available.
      So maybe you’d be lucky enough that a toilet with 10 inch rough in dimension would fit in your 9 inches.
      Here’s one of many available with 10 inch rough in:
      But if you’re all that lucky, I guess the builder will come back for free.

      An alternative would be to move the pipe and flange out three inches and use a normal toilet.
      Or just install an offset floor flange that will give you enough for a 10 inch rough in.

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