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        I am desperately seeking toilets that have flush capacities greater than the ridiculous 1.6-gallon tanks we have in our
        house. Is there ANY resource for toilets with larger tanks? We use our own well water, so it’s not as though we’re draining the
        municipal water supply, and our own septic system, so we’re not creating more waste for the town to deal with. I REALLY want to
        get more water gallons working in my toilets. ANY HELP? Thank you very much.

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          We had a shipment of 3.5gpf toilets about 9 months ago they were made in south america. We sold all 25 we had and had good luck with them considering where they were made. I do not think we will get any more for quite some time. That said we reccomend the pressure assisted toilets they work great. we have had one installed in our store for over nine years and have never had a problem.


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            I am from Canada where the old higher capacity toilets are still legal, however, I would like to replace mine with a new 1.6 gallon unit to help lower my water bills. I am told that some of the new 1.6 gallon toilets work as good, or better than the old ones. I would appreciate you letting me know the make and model of the 1.6 unit you are having problems with, so that I can keep that one off my shopping list. A lot of the toilets for sale in the U.S.A. are not available in Canada. If you wish to reply directly to me, my e-mail address is: [email protected]
            Also,if anyone has any knowledge of the Orion 1.6 gallon toilets particularly the Orion Novara or the Orion Jupiter, please let me know if these work O.K. as several large retailers sell them here, but I am unable to find any information about these on the internet. Thanks for any information on this.

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              The toilets we have are made by Gerber. Sorry I don’t know the model, I don’t see it anywhere on the unit. It just says 1.6gpf on it. I’ll have to look into getting Canadian toilets! Thanks for writing.


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