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      Alister Transom

      My main water line into the house is galvanized. It is leaking at the junction leading to the water meter. It is badly corroded. The main line sticks out about 8 inches from the wall. Can this pipe be repaired or should I replace the main line to the street. It is prob. 30 years old. Thanks, Tom C.

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      Hi Tom, the old Galvanized steel of yesterday is not the same as today.

      We used Galvanized wrought iron and Yalloy besides “galvanized steel”

      Today with all the chemicals to improve water quality :-) you may want to get a pH reading before installing any materials to find which may hold up the longest.

      It is not so much as external corrosion your now worried about its also internal.

      Nevertheless after 30 years I would think about a new service pipe is in order.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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