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        Installing two hot water heaters. I installed them in parallel with exactly the same length of pipe between them on the hot and cold sides. These tanks supply 14 showers and 10 sinks. We were running out of hot water before both tanks were spent of their hot water.(not quite balanced right…one still had hot water in it). Another plumber decided to change my installation and hooked the tanks up in series. I don’t think this is correct. One tank is doing all the work. I’d like to know if I should of installed balancing valves or circuit setters to make both tanks funtion correctly or is the series set-up correct? Thanks in advance.

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        Avatar photofourth year

          One heater is doing the work only when that is all the hot water you need. When you reach the point where the demand is greater, then both heaters will operate just as when they were in parallel.

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