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      I’m removing a toilet and redesigning two small bathrooms into one larger bathroom. I would like to cap the toilet drain in a way that would make it possible to put back in a toilet or bidet or urinal in the future. The drain has a flared lead sweep that is encased in my foundation. I have been advised to cut the lead back, but leave around 2 inches for a “mission no hub clamp with a 4″ slip FM adapter then screw in a 4″ plug.” What do I cut the lead with and what is a “mission no hub clamp?” Also, is this the best advice?

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      If it were any material other than lead I would agree. Lead, especially the lead used for drains is very thin and a compression type coupling will deform it rather than make a watertight seal. There is almost no connection that a non-plumber can make to eliminate the bend, and still not leak.

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