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        I have a submersible sump pump and am trying to adujst the range of the on/off switch to increase the cycle time. The pump does not seem to have a float switch that I can find. Are there other types of switches and if so, how do you adjust them? Thanks for any tips you might have.

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          Some sump pumps have a built in pressure switch located near the top of the pump.

          When the water level rises it creates pressure (434) times the height or to round it off a half PSI per ft.

          What you can do is try to adjust this pressure switch to min level THEN once you get it working go to Seas or any other good quality chain store and ask for a mercury switch (they no longer actually use mercury due to the toxic laws in effect)

          Plug this mercury switch into the wall and put your pump plug into the back of this controller.

          NOW adjust the height of the Mercury float bulb to the desired height you want.

          Works like a charm but you should read the pump manufactures instruction to find the minimum setting of their pump.
          Hey your welcome IM sure have a great one.

          If you need another sump pump think sewerage ejector as they can pass up to 2″ solids and think Federal, Stevens, blue Angel Or Zoller pumps

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