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      I just purchased a new home with a sump pump and a battery backup pump. I have melting snow and noticed the pump running frequently (about every 1-2 minutes). I decided to check the backup system and the pump would kick on but the pump would not drain the pit. Upon futher inspection I noticed that the check valve joint off of the main pump has water spraying when the pump is runing and about 5 seconds after the pump shuts off. Is this normal or do I need to replace the check valve. If it needs to be replaced what are the steps?

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      The installer of your pump is a professional WHO can read directions.

      You lucked out big time.

      You see a lot people install a sump pump with a check valve with total disregard to good pumping practices.

      The expert who did install your pump knew enough to drill a small hole BELOW the check valve to break the vacuum after the pump finishes pumping and allows the check to reset properly.

      I am impressed someone still reads installation manuals and codes.
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      About the running every one or two minutes Adjust the float so it has a longer shut off period as this short cycling will destroy the pump faster then anything else
      IF the pit doesnt drain completly this is also normal as a lot of installers try to keep the impeller off the bottom of these pits to keep foreign objects from blocking the impeller.

      If the pit doesnt drain at all with eithe pump Id check for a stoppage in the discharge line.
      Hopefully your installer didnt use one line for both pumps for drainage.

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      Thanks for the reply. So it is normal for the check valve to spray water when the pump is operating and a few seconds after the pump shuts off? It is a pretty good spray as it hits the cover and leaks onto the floor. Also any thoughts on why the back up system will not drain the pit? The moter runs and water circulates in the pit, but water is not removed. I can check this as I can see where the discharge pipe drains into the outside drain pipe which leads to the storm drain. Only the main pump is removing water. Any Thoughts? Thanks.

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