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      Tank fitting assembly installed,but after installed the problem still existed. The float ball will not reseat inself the water continues to run. there is a rod that attaches to a butterfly type valve.This goes thru a guide. Some of the possible problems and solutions to reasons for this assembly not shut off/or closing. I was looking for a installation guide or direction as to problem.(ex. Water coming into tank to rapidly or rod and guide assembly causing the ball not to seat.

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      Do you have name of toilet, (wellworth,rialto) Numbers you list don’t seem to fit any model.
      Check numbers again.

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      To; Russ The toilet is Kohler Rialto (1976) vintage. The parts number came from the replacement part.

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      Scott Bryan

      The numbers of the ballcock you list are for the Champlain toilet, very different from the Rialto. I have to assume you do have the Chanplain because the number for the champlain replacement is 30669. They are very tricky to adjust. It sounds like you have replace the complete ballcock (all one piece with the flush valve built in). The Rotor (butterfly)should turn freely. check to make sure the lift rod is straight and the chain from the rotor to the handle is adjusted right. I will put a link to the parts breakdown of the champlain toilet to help. If you would like to talk use the phone number from the link and maybe I can help.

      Good luck,

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