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        I am having a problem with a 30-gallon electric water heater.

        In May 2000, I called a plumber to come out and check my water heater as I was not getting hot water. After he inspected it, he replaced (supposedly) the lower element (at least that’s what he charged for). Although he did not drain the water heater, which I found strange.

        Then in June 2000, I called the same plumber back because again, we lost our hot water. After inspecting it again, he replaced the Upper Thermostat (and again, didn’t drain the water heater).

        Then last month we lost our hot water again. I had my dad come out and inspect it (because I thought it awefully strange that only after 8 months we lost hot water again) and he drained the tank and replaced the lower element (which seemed to be the problem because the one in there was all messed up. Our hot water came back in full force, better then ever and all we had to pay for was the element (thanx dad).

        However, 3 weeks later (now), we again have no hot water. We are totally lost as to why this keeps happening. We live in a mobile home that is pretty much new (4/99) and I want to know what could be causing all these hot water outages and needs to replace the element and thermostat so soon. Can someone help me?

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        Avatar photofourth year

          You have lousy water and it is burning out the elements. The plumber did not drain the tank since it could have taken an hour or more, time which you would have paid for. I never drain the tank for that very reason. You have to install a more expensive “Sand Hog” element which will resist burning out in your water situation.

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