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        Recently, I was sitting at the top of my stairs lacing my shoes while my daughter was in the bathroom taking a shower. After she turned off the water, I just happen to hear a faint drip in the wall between the stairs and the bathroom. I decided to see if I could hear this same sound without the water on at 3am in the morning. And I did. It was a dropping sound every 30 seconds. No evidence of moisture on the ceiling in the foyer downstairs.

        Should I prepare to cut into the wall between the stairs to locate the leak. It clearly is not the tub leaking because I open the panel in the wall next to the steps to see if it was. Sounds more like it could be either my toilet or sink line. Not sure. Please give some advice.

        ps, I think it is the water line coming up into the bathroom, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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        Avatar photodaveroconn

          This type of leak is very hard to find unless you get a clue like you recieved while you were tying your shoes. Start with a small 5 to 6 inch hole in the wall. If it’s drywall it will be very easy to patch. Use the most powerfull flashlight you can find and tie a string around it so you can get it back if you drop it inside the wall. When you find the puddle you find the leak. Once you know where it’s coming from then we will tell you how to fix it. Good luck

          Respectfully David Walling

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          Avatar photoWallingford Plm+Htg

            It sounds to me like you may be hearing the water from the shower head draining out and hitting the base of the shower.If this noise lasts long after your done showering then the valve is probaly leaking.If you had an actual leak at a rate of one drip every 30 seconds I think you would have seen water in your cieling or basement.Good luck

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            Avatar photoGuest

              no damp area ?/

              just a question, you have a flurestent tube light. When turned on the defuser can expand and cause a clicking sound, very much like water dripping every few seconds

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              Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                see Below
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                Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                  These kinds of “leaks” I normally take a wait and see approach.
                  The best advice I could give you was given by daveroconn.

                  Sooner or later this leak will show up THEN it will be much easier to find the cause.

                  Could be drain line or grouting as a water supply leak would be more consistent.

                  One more option is to make sure all your faucets are shut off tight and then check your water meter is applicable this also will show you if water is being used. CHECK your toilet tank for a possible over flow into the over flow tube from a faulty ball cock or defective tank bulb or flapper.

                  GOOD HUNTING

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