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      I have crane toilets (manufactured in the late 1980s)in the house. The tank mysteriously cracked and flooded the house. I recall reading about this a few years ago that this is a common problem from those years. Does anybody know if Crane has a secret warranty program.

      Should I replace all the other Crane Toilets?

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      It is more of a problem with older American Standard toilets, but no one has a replacement program. The problem is usually caused by corrosion of the bolts or overtightening the fill valve. Neither of them under the control fo the manufacturer.

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      We had to replace all Crane toilets in an entire development of townhouses last year. I believe that they were built in 1986. Crane has a program where they will subsidize the replacement of any tank from the specific “defective” year. Best thing would be to contact them.

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