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      We have an older house that had the old iron pipes in the basement. Some of the shut off values were leaking so while we replaced these we also replaced the pipes themself. We replaced everything with the same size plastic pipes and did not change the lay out of the pipes. The problem we are having is in the kitchen (the sink farthest from the water source). The pressure is about half of what it used to be. Everything else in and out of the house is the same as before. Any ideas on how to increase the pressure in this sink or maybe ideas on what we did wrong. YES the shut off values are open.

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      Go to your kitchen sink faucet.

      Look at the faucet spout.

      Remove the Aerator and CLEAN IT from the sediment you allowed to flow into it.

      Next time after working on a piping sytem OPEN the valves very slowly until you hear the water stop moving.

      THEN go to a faucet remove the screen (AERATOR) open the faucet slowly and flush out the debris GOOD LUCK

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