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      The toilet flange was broken on the soil pipe. This is a cast iron pipe and flange that was leaded on. I cut the old flange off. Replaced it with a flange that has a collar than fits over the soil pipe and you tighten four bolts that secures it to the pipe. I made sure that it was flush and level with the floor. Now the toilet is loose (it rocks when you sit on it) Can i get another flange leaded on? or is there another way to fix this concern.

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      Make sure the cast Iron flange is tight and level with the floor.

      THEN Gently make up the floor flange bolts GENTLY

      I hope you didnt try a No Hub Quick set Flange on extra heavy cast Iron pipe.

      You may need a caulked CI floor flange . No big deal .

      Send me an E mail if you run into trouble

Viewing 1 reply thread
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