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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I just saw an article in the paper about a reset system. An outdoor sensor “warns” of a temp drop and the system “temperature regulates” the circulated water so that on frigid days the water temp is as hot as needed and on just cool days the burner doesn’t have to work as hard? Have I got this right? My system was replaced last Sept. why didn’t they offer this to me? Sounds like it could save some money in fuel costs, I’ve spent over $1,200 in oil so far this year
        (long island,NY)

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        Avatar photoGuest

          A device works ‘hardest’ when it stops and starts frequently. An outdoor reset control regulates the maximum temperature of the water as the temperature changes. The water temperature is cooler in mild weather and hotter in the cold weather. This way, the circulator does not have to stop running (does not stop and start fequently.) Circulators have been known to run for 35 years this way.

          By changing the water temperature with the weather, there is never a cold cycle in the room. The heating units put just enough heat into the room to compensate for the heat going out the room surfaces to the outdoors. Drafts are minimized. An indoor-outdoor control is usually installed in commercial systems. They have some expense and some people feel they are saving money by not installing them in homes.

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          Avatar photoGuest

            Thanks for the reply. I now have to investigate the cost of installation to see if this is worth it, also thanks for the rad paint tips! This website is in my favorite top 10!

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              The indoor Out door reset thermostat more or less works like the following.

              For every TWO degrees it drops out doors it raises the water temperature 1 degree indoors.

              It has very little to do with the actual circulator per say.

              My ideal system is a circulator running on constant and letting non electric zone valves fine tune the indoor temperature.

              You may like to take a short heating course offered buy Weil McLain H. E. A. T.

              Heat education and training.

              Or contact This company and then Contact me as I have a fantastic Master Plumber on Long Island who can help you out. Sylvan

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              Avatar photoGuest

                Right again, Sylvan. The outdoor reset has little to do with the circulator directly. Running the circulator continuously is one of the strategies that are enhanced by the indoor-outdoor control.

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