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        We are having the same problem with a septic gas odor in our basement. We had our tank cleaned out also our dist. boxes cleaned and a chemical bacteria poured into them to clean them further. Eight hundred and fifty dollars later we are still have the same odor in the basement. We didn’t have a back up just an odor. My husband has checked the roof vents and also extended them, thinking the odor was being pulled in by our boiler. The septic people tell us we don’t have a leak in the house or we would have seepage. It is driving me crazy can you give us any other suggestions. We do not have any plumbing that is not in use and all seem to be working properly. Thanks for you time.
        Karen Reilly

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          check all plumbing fixtures in your basement. traps can go dry with lack of usage and act as a vent.replace your waxring on any water closets in your house. sometimes they can leak gasses and act as a vent without any sign of moisture leakage.if there is a sewage ejector in the basement make sure that the seals are all good and the check valve is working properly. do you have a sump pit? make sure that it is not hooked into the septic system and is discharged away from the house.different parts of the country have peat under the soil and if you are hooked to a perimeter drainage field you can get a strong odor from the pit..the check valve replacement and sealing the pit with a gas tight lid is a good option. write back with more details. make sure all drains have traps!!!! you would not believe how many times i’ve found fixtures without traps installed properly under them. finally check all floor drains, make sure they have water in them and top off with cooking oil. i’m not a turd herder but 850 dollars sounds awful high for somebody with a honey wagon and a drivers license. there are more options, it depends on your circumstances and your pocket book. personally i would not let a journeyman tradesman into my house without 20 to 30 years experience. a competent plumber should be able to answer your problem in an hour or so…..god has spoken

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