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      We are wondering what to do about the pervasive smell of sulphur in our water. We have well water, and have noticed that the smell has become more pronounced, especially the hot water since installation of a new water heater. The cold water smells also, but not so badly as the hot, or if it is left running for a little while. Are there filters that can be installed and approximately how much would this cost? Thanks.

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      Bob Lake

      Hi. I’m not a plumber – just another citizen – but for what it’s worth, I once saw a fellow put a match to the water coming out of his kitchen fawcet in his trailer house and flames errupted. He thought it was a great joke but for me (having a teaching degree with a chemistry minor), it scared the &*$% out of me. Later it turned out that where he lived in Wyoming hit the national news for this problem and many houses were condemmed because of it His water smelled and tasted like sulpher. So you may want to include information in this question about whether you’re on well water, the region you live in, whether your neighbors have a similar problem, etc. The “kind of” good news is that the really bad one – Hydrogen sulfide gas – which will kill you fast – can’t be smelled. The bad news is that the smell of sulpher can mean the presence of other gases. I hope someone gives you a more satisfying response but I wouldn’t ignore this problem for very long before having some one local look at it if I were you.
      Good luck

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      Bob Lake

      OOOps just noticed from re-reading your note that you are on well water. More the reason to have a check for other gases done.
      Take care.

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      It sounds like you have a problem related to Sulfate Reducing Bacteria. This is not a harmful bacteria. Just an odor nuisance. Contact a local water treatment specialist. There are several different systems available to correct the problem.

      Basically, one is a chlorination/filtration system. Another is a Catalytic Carbon system. Another uses aeration and filtration. Each are effective but costs differ.

      You can contact the Water Quality Assocation at or you can call them at 1-630-555-0160. They will mail you a list of water treatment specialists in your area.

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