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      adam deem

      Had a plumber rough in the drain for my toilet using PVC when I was redoing my bathroom. I then tiled the floor and when I went to install the toilet, I found that the plumber roughed in the drain too close to the wall. My options now are to cut into the wall so the tank seats properly on the bowl, or put in an offset flange(preferred).
      What are the disadvantages of using the offset (I know that they are not legal in some areas)? Are they available to offset about an inch which is about all I need? I would rather cut into the tile floor than chew a one inch hole in the wall if possible.

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      You may have another OPTION..

      Water closets TOILET also come in various roughings have you considered a 10″ rough as opposed to a 12″ or 14″ rough?

      Why would any plumber want to use plastic for drainage given a choice?

      Oh well it is no supprise that the measurements were off considering the materials that were used.

      The problem with offset floor flanges is the real possibility of causing a slight restriction during dischagre of the fixture if it is not set properly.

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      Thanks for the info and the quick response sylvan. If I were the plumber, I would have used cast iron. Live and learn. In any event, I have had my fixtures for awhile, so I am committed to the toilet and the color. If I use the offset which is at two inches and position the toilet horn more towards the back of the flange, I am hoping to get around the problem of the restriction by centering it more over the opening at the bottom of the flange where it connects to the drain. We’ll see.

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      The offset FF should work out ok

      The reason I like cast Iron is quality and it offers a quiet system. good luck

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