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        my husband wants to get a plumbing licence for new york and he asked me to get information on how to go about doing so. now my problem is i have no clue who i’m suppose to contact in order to have some information sent to me. my question to you is do you have any helpful ideas for me, on how to get him far up to date all i have gotten was the run around and everyone keeps asking me what the plumbing code is. i have no clue. can you guy please help me.

        thank you.

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          Gina, UPSTATE New York requires minimum requirements and training to get a masters license.

          I remember some high school kid passed the Scarsdale test in Weschester and he never did any plumbing in his life.

          On long Island I took and passed a test over the phone.AMAZING HUH?

          NYC required 10 years of documented plumbing experience now it has been reduced to 7 years.

          The written test in NYC is approximately 4/12 hours and the practical is about 4 hours and you have to contact the plumbing industry board of NYC for the city test.

          Upstate in several counties NO TEST is required just paying a fee can get someone a license permit.

          Contact the local building department for their requirements.

          Again NY State has the bare minimum of requirements BUT that will soon be changing HOPEFULLY.

          One of my buddies had an NJ State license and they upstate inspectors said he was “OVER QUALIFIED” to do plumber in that area.

          I am positive if your husband is looking for a NY state license he will have no problem getting one BUT some places still have the good OLE boy mentality trying to keep really qualified folks out.

          The “state code” is a joke and is minumn requirements, they are supposed to change it bring it up to modern heath standards.

          Depending on the area you live how often they powers that be give the test. If all else fails your husband can do heating until the test comes along as heating ANYONE can do legally in NY State.

          NY State has no testing or regulations regarding heating that is why a lot of NY State folks advertise heating as they cannot pass the simplest of tests.

          If your husband wants he can send me a private E mail and knowing the area he wants to get licensed I can ask the folks on my plumbing list to get him information.

          GOOD LUCK
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