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      Avatar photoalamoby

        I have a 15 year old house & just recently the cold & hot water pressure to the bathtub spouts have been drastically reduced to almost a trickle. It takes approximately 1/2 an hour to fill the tub. I have copper pipes not galvanized, I had a new water heater installed about 4 years ago & haven’t had any work done to the water heater since the installation. And I’ve replaced the spouts once myself without any success & then I had a plumber replace the spouts, again without any success. The second plumber
        inspected the spouts & had no clue as to what was causing the problem. The pressure to the shower heads are better but less than the rest of the house. And the pressure everywhere else in the house is fine. The spout is the type that you pull out (towards you) & turns one way for the hot,the other way for the cold water & you have to pull the diverter up in order for the water to go to the shower head. Since the pressure is low for both hot,cold & only effects the bathtub spouts & no other faucet/spout in the house. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this & is there anything I can do besides tearing down the wall &
        replacing all the pipes? Any help,
        suggestions,ideas would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Has any of your “plumbers” checked for an integral stop that maybe slightly closed or blocked?

          A lot of shower bodies come with these isolation valves (globe type) that offers lots of restriction

          You could also look for a tile stop (Shut off valve) that you can isolate this showerbody, then disassemble then flush out to make sure you have full flow going to it.

          When reassembling this showerbody use new OEM rebuilding parts.

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          Avatar photoWahoo

            “SylvanLMP” neither of the plumbers checked for that, they just took the single handle and spout off and checked them. I got a name of a “good plumber” and I’ll ask him to do what you stated. Thanks for the suggestion.

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