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      Hi! I am wondering if it is possible to find a toilet seat and the top of the tank itself. It is an older model,in a kind of aqua blue color (not the country blue color that is prevalent now). The seat that is on it now is a cheap white one, which looks really cheesy. The lid on the tank itself is cracked, so it is covered with some material. All in all, it looks yucky. And, if we replace the toilet, the bathroom won’t look right, because the tub is the same color, the sink basin is the same color, and even the floor has the same color in the tiles. I’m not sure what model or kind it is, or where to look to find it. It has a “K” on it, so I thought maybe that stood for “Kohler”??? If anyone has any suggestions, please email me at Thanks!

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      If it is a K with a dash and 4 numbers after it, it could be Kohler. More likely it is American Standard and the K has two numbers after it which would be a date code. Even if you found the manufacturer, the chances are slim that they would have a replacement after all these years. A used plumbing supply store might have one since they usually save the tank lids when they receive them. If you take the cover to a plumbing store, they have catalogs which you can match to the lid in order to get the same color or a close match

Viewing 1 reply thread
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