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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        In order to allow my washing machine to use warm water for the rinse cycles (only programmed for cold from factory!), I have used a V-style hose which attaches to 2 taps and leads to 1 hook up on the washer. We now have warm water but in 2 weeks I have purchased 3 of the V hoses. They have all leaked – 2 have had one hose swell before it started leaking. We now have to turn the taps off every time we are done with the washer. My question is ‘am I doing something wrong or are products made so cheaply that they do not perform even the simplest task’. Can anyone recommend a good v-hose to buy?

        Thank you

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          As an expert witness for several NYC law firms I would suggest you do the following.

          Send a letter to each of the places you purchased these defective hoses (Hope you kept the bill of sale) and put them on notice you are planning on suing them for “Product liability” as these pieces of crap did extensive water damage to your home PLUS the severe burns you have.

          You should also find the lowest life lawyers on the face of the earth (very easy to do) and have them get on a percentage of what you get. NO out of pocket money.

          The reason I like doing these legal expert testimonies is I love going after unscrupulous manufacturers and importers.

          Any decent manufacturer will have their name and some type of approval.

          I was lucky enough to get one burn victim over $500,000 in an OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT against the city of NY because the piping installer was NOT LICENSED and the product was not approved for use here.

          Hey you have nothing to lose even your insurance company may want a piece of the action for these low life’s selling junk to the general public.

          Forget the refund money go for damages and punitive stuff for selling CRAP

          if enough folks get tired of being roipped off then you will have not only Quality in products BUT you also have a higher caliper of contractor doing the work.

          I am a firm believer of having licenses revoked or heavy fines for work not performed to codes or good plumbing practices.

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          Avatar photofourth year

            Since the Y hose is creating a direct connection between the hot and cold lines allowing mixing of the two, you must turn both supply lines off after using the washing machine anyway. And if you were to check, I think you will find that these devices are not made to withstand a constant pressure. They were intended to feed tempered water into a receptacle or hose and then be shut off when the demand was satisfied.

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            Avatar photoGuest

              also if valves are left open all the time it may result in a cross connection if there are not checks built into the faucets.for instance hot water flowing to the tank of your water closet etc.

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