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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I was previously very successful getting a solution for the venting of my septic tank. Upgrading to a 4″ vent on the roof solved the ‘backdraft’ into the living quarters. Thank you fine plumbers for your service. My next quandry is orange water from a new well drilled to increase the pressure. The old 80′ well had excellent drinking water but its distance from the house was detriment to the pressure. A lawn sprinkler couldn’t even be used the pressure was so bad. Well, we got a new well. In order to keep such a deep subject on the lighter side I’ll say the iron content is through the roof (energy level has been good) and the staining is certainly a major problem. Is there a filter that can placed right on the pump? Thank you for your service I look forward to getting a reply.

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        Avatar photoGaryPurolite1

          I would not recommend putting a “filter right on the pump”. The are several ways to correct the iron problem.

          You can install an automatic Iron Filter on the line after the pressure tank. The are many different types. Some will use Potassium Permanganate to regenerate the unit much like salt is used to regenerate a water softener. Some use air as part of the iron removal process and then just use a backwashing sequence to clean the filter media. Another method is to feed chlorine into the water supply, add a retention storage tank to allow sufficient contact time between the water and the chlorine and install a filter after that tank to capture any iron that escapes from the retention tank. With a system like that some will want to remove the chlorine after than by the use of a whole house carbon filter or a point of use carbon filter on a drinking water faucet in the kitchen. Iron is not any easy or inexpensive contaminant to remove from water.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            I am glad my suggesting the 4″ vent worked out for you.
            About putting a filter directly on the pump DON’T DO IT.

            You see if this filter gets plugged up you will put this pump under excessive restriction and possibly burn it out if it isn’t thermostatically protected.
            you also lose all water supply when this filter gives up the ghost.

            What I would suggest is having a non ferrous storage that is approved in your local code.

            Using this tank as storage you can then use a smaller well pump and use this hydro-pneumatic storage tank to create all the pressure and volume you may need for future demands.

            Now you have several choices for example

            1- Filter all the water leaving this tank

            2- Filter the water only at point of use and use the unfiltered water for toilets and lawn sprinklers

            3- Treat this water in the tank.

            The great idea in not using a demand type of pump is you have no storage capacity in case of power outage at least with a tank partially filled with a little pressure you still have some water pressure and the volume .

            Ah Decisions huh? :-)

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