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      Does anyone know anything, pro or con, about the SETS Water Heater systems? We are considering buying one but we do not know of a master plumber in our area that installs them. Does anyone know of anyone in the Memphis, TN area that does that?

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      1. While the shower has its own source, what does one do about the other fixtures? Do they each have their own point-of-use heaters? Are they by supplied by a central water heater – if so, why bother with the point-of-use unit other than to have one supply tube going to it?

      Unless the electricity is produced by a dam or atomic energy, the electricity is produced by burning a fuel. the line losses transmitting the electricity are high; so most electric rates are 3 times the cost of providing the heating by burning fuels in the home. Cutting the electric bill in half by making the electric usage more efficient still makes electricity more expensive.

      The typical family bill for gas or oil hot water is $250 per year. The typical electric bill for the same hot water use is $800 per year. Cutting the electric bill in half still makes it $150 per year more expensive – and the cost of installation of the point-of-use electric heater is very high.

      These are reasons central, fuel-fired water heaters are still preferred in the majority. Only one, long-lasting appliance required. When an instantaneous unit is used for the whole house, the small tubes lime up in many areas and a small flow from only one tap of less than 1/2 gpm makes the unit hunt. A point-of-use heater at a sink for coffee or a small sinkful does make sense, small quantities make for small bills. Showers and washers make for large bills.

      The firms listed below were identified as suppliers of the technology at the time of this report’s publication. This listing does not purport to be complete, to indicate the right to practice the technology, or to reflect future market conditions.

      Crispaire Corporation
      3570 American Drive
      Atlanta, GA 30341
      David Shuford
      Vice President – Marketing
      (404) 458-6643; Fax (404) 457-2352

      P.O. Box 8050
      Madison, WI 53708
      Bernie Mittelstaedt
      (800) 533-7533; Fax (608) 222-1447

      Quantum/Energy Plus International
      P.O.Box 30065
      Palm Beach, FL 33420-0085
      Charles O’Neill
      (561)842-3778; Fax (561)842-3778

      In addition, the following manufacturers are developing new residential/light commercial HPWH products that are scheduled to be released in 1997:

      Colmac Coil Manufacturing Co.
      P.O. Box 72
      370 N. Lincoln
      Colville, WA 99114
      Joel Lewinshon
      (509) 684-2595; Fax (509) 684-8331

      WaterFurnace International
      9000 Conservation Way
      Fort Wayne, IN 46809
      Bob Brown
      (219) 478-5667 ext 254; Fax (219) 478-3029

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