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      we bought this house 13 year’s ago,there is a mixing valve on the water line,we have to flush the toliet to get hot water for the showernd turn the sink on with cold water,this is crazy. we bought this house from my brother in lawnd he told me ,that hot water run’s in the toliet,so it would not frezze up.sometimes we lose our hot water,in the shower or doing dishing,what is my problem,should i get rid of that old mixing valve,if you could,let me know,sstone@cub.kcnet.org thank you steven r. stone

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      Sounds like someone got you hook lin and STINKER.

      Mixing the water to a toilet prevents CONDENSATE not stopping freeze ups.

      If you must have a mixing valve it had better be a Holby anything else in my opinion is PURE JUNK

Viewing 1 reply thread
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